About me

Karen Barraza was born in Sinaloa, Mexico and immigrated to Los Angeles, CA at the age of nine to pursue her acting career. During her sophomore year of High School, Karen had the opportunity to attend ARTSHARE LA, a non-profit organization that offered free art classes to High School students. She transferred to Ramon Cortines High School for the Visual and Performing Arts where she gained theatrical exposure. Upon graduating, Karen continued her acting career in East Los Angeles College. Her first theatrical role in college was Gwendolen in the production of “The Importance of Being Earnest.” This role earned her an Irene Ryan nominee which allowed her to participate in the Kennedy Center American College Theatrical Festival. She attended the Stella Adler Summer Conservatory in 2013 and she continues to train at this studio.


Karen has always had a strong craving for adventure. A good thrill, anything that gets the heart pumping. She believes that as an actor you have to seek more to life than life has to offer. When she was a senior in high school, she decided to become certified in scuba diving as one of her senior projects. Karen describes it as "an incredible experience diving 50 feet underwater." Her next adventure was skydiving 15,000 ft in the sky. Probably one of the most exciting things she's ever attempted. Karen enjoys trying new things and learning new skills. Mostly she's just curious.

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